Measure your daily happiness.

Use Reflect to record how you feel at the end of each day, helping you keep a better perspective of your overall happiness.


Why Reflect?

I want to bring more awareness to my everyday state. I want to make something that helps lift me up on bad days, and increases the power and impact on good days. This is the first step.

How does it work?

How Reflect Works

Rate your day

Open the web app and quickly rate how your overall feeling was that day.

Capture why

If you'd like, you can jot down some notes about why you felt that way.

Spot trends

Look at how you've been feeling lately and spot positive or negative patterns.

Add to your home screen!

Reflect is a web app, so to get the most out of it on mobile, we suggest adding it to your home screen. That makes it much easier to use.

Learn how

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